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Michael Ellis in a

hollow Redwood stump.

Producer & Host in High Sierra:

"That's a wrap!"

NATURE ON THE AIR is a series of  more than 40 video short subjects produced by Emmy Award-winning BACIPIX Video.  Each 2.5-minute clip is suitable for broadcast, viewable online, and for use as learning resources in a variety of settings.  Our three strands are:


Bay Nature on the Air, an Emmy-nominated exploration of the amazing natural habitats of the San Francisco Bay region


California Nature on the Air, which roams the Golden State with naturalist Michael Ellis to learn about its extraordinary flora and fauna


Malama: Taking Care, following committed conservationists working hard in Hawai'i, the endangered species capital of the world.

Standards-aligned downloadable project-based activity sets are currently in development for each segment, and 7 beta version sets already accompany Malama: Taking Care.

Naturalist Michael Ellis hosts many of the stories.  His B.S. in Botany and Masters in Marine Biology are the foundation for his lifelong process of gathering information from travels throughout the natural world.

Marcy Barton is a longtime educator and serves as consultant for our learning resources.  She has written two books on 21st Century learning.

Rick Bacigalupi produces, shoots, and edits the programs.  Rick is an Emmy-winning independent with over 20 years experience in local TV and video who recently completed a Masters at SF State specializing in adapting video programming for educational use.

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